Specialty Tees For Custom Screen Printing

The majority of business for custom screen printers is in decorating basic white tees and basic color tees. Most decorators will stock white and black tees. There is very little cost in the shirt and the turn around is short.

Specialty tees are different. There are so many different brands and styles. The fashion-forward styles are what you see in the retail stores. Many customers are now buying these types of shirts. Juniors, for example, often want the more fashionable shirts rather than a basic crew neck tee. The shirt may have a high/low hemline, a scoop neck, a softer type of material, such as a triblend. These are to just name a few.

With sales of these type of shirts, the promise for higher profit margins is there. The customer knows that the shirt itself will cost more money, so they are comfortable with paying more per shirt than a basic t-shirt. Also, the specialty tee tends to be of better quality than basics. That means the shirts will look better, wear better, and create better goodwill with the customer.

Also, specialty t-shirts that align with current fashion trends are simply more likely to be worn and to be worn more often. Certainly, a customer can buy a cheaper, basic shirt, but little value is derived if the end wearer throws it away or it ends up in the back of the closet and never gets worn.

Whatever your needs are as far as custom silk screening or custom embroidery, we would love to give you a free quote. We have access to literally thousands of brands and styles. Give us a call if you are in the St. Louis metro area. You won’t regret it.

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