New Designs and Styles for Womens Wear

Over the years, womens apparel has gone through a lot of changes. What used to be a smaller version of a man’s style for a lady, is now specifically made to fit and flatter a lady.

There are now figure flattering details in these styles. The use of princess seams and darts has helped contour the body and further create a flattering silhouette. Also there are cinch cords in some clothing to create customizable fits. These are used most commonly in the hem of jackets, but it is also used in the waist to draw in the jacket and create a complimentary shape.

There are styling details with figure-flattering elements which differentiate garments from mens and ladies styles. These elements include female-specific necklines on knit polos, wovens, and outerwear. Even a feature as minute as the placement of a decoration or reflective print on the center of a women’s garment plays a key role in the design process. Given these details, decorators should keep the presence of embellishments and logos top of mind. A pop of color on trims, zippers, zipper pulls, and stitching, are a few of the major benefits in working with a well-know industry brand.

Ladies also want feminine colors for their apparel. For example, a man will probably not want a bright pink jacket. A female on the other hand would probably consider a color as that.

There is a lot to consider for the designers and manufacturers of apparel. There must be function, but there also must be good options for men and women. Our customers are requiring this of us for their custom screen printing and custom embroidery apparel. That does include everything from a standard t-shirt or polo, a dress shirt, fleece, outerwear, etc. You name it.

We would love to give you a quote on all you silk screening and embroidery needs for your company, organization, or your personal needs in the St. Louis, MO area. Please give us a call. You will not be disappointed.

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