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We are a supplier of custom screen printing and embroidery specializing in T shirts throughout the St. Louis area. Our approach to doing business is not complicated. We understand that communicating with our potential customer is the key to putting together a plan of action that is going to be mutually conducive to each of us. We also understand that the very most effective form of advertising is word of mouth. We very much count on repeat business as it is considered to be the life's blood of our overall orders. The same company who orders short sleeve T-shirts now will be ordering jackets next winter.

Our approach to business along with our philosophy is very simple: strive to achieve excellence in customer relationships through clear communication and deliver an excellent product with high quality and on time service.

  • When was this new website started?
  • It is brand-new. We launched it in order to expand our marketing campaign across St. Louis because I saw a large need for screen printing and embroidery in the area. Our approach was to communicate clearly with the potential customer and then together we can identify their needs. If that can be done, then we could capitalize on a viable t-shirt market.

  • Who is our normal everyday customer?
  • Our normal everyday bread and butter customer will ask us for a quote on custom screen printing for their tee shirts or custom embroidery on their caps. We have found that the vast majority of our new clientele usually finds us on one of the major search engines. We have a terrific web site, but we have learned from first-hand experience that just having a great site, is not nearly as important as the ability for people to find us when they do a relevant search like St. Louis screen printing or St. Louis embroidery. Our website has to be the one that shows up. We look at it as if we are fishing for customers and you use the same bait in order to catch a huge fish as you would for a small one. In other words our normal order could range anywhere between one item to one thousand pieces. We do not have a set way of doing things, because our customer base will vary greatly from one another. We pride ourselves in our ability to bend without breaking. We give our small tee shirt order the same exact respect and attention to detail as the very large ones. We understand that our potential client who is shopping for a small run of just 12 pieces is often on a very limited budget. Their t-shirt investment is probably going to be just as important to him or her as a large tee shirt order is to that corporation. (It's all relative.) Therefore, we are going to give it the same exact respect and attention to detail. We believe that trying to be sensitive to our customers needs and to identify their goals is what sets us apart from the rest of the crowd in our industry.

  • How do you typically communicate with your customers?
  • We get the overwhelming majority of our work 2 ways. The primary way is repeat customers. The same customer who orders now will call us back in three or four months when the season changes. In other words, they will go from custom screen printing on a short sleeve tee shirt to custom embroidery on a jacket. Maybe even embroidery on visors or winter scarves. Over time we have also learned that a repeat order is usually going to be much easier to deal with than a first time order. Why?

    The first time you deal with a customer, you are not just having to try and sell him or her on the products and services, but you have to sell him or her yourself. You have to convince the person that you are going to be able to trust you and being able to be easy to work with throughout the whole process. The repeat customer is already confident in your ability to deliver what you promised. After that, confidence has been established. The repeat process is as simple as pulling the old films and software from our archives and reusing them.

  • What types of shirts do you carry?
  • We carry a huge product line which consists of a combination of over two thousand different shirts, caps, and jackets. These will range from what those in the screen printing industry refer to as a disposable carnival tee shirts that are normally very thin and fall apart after just a few months of normal wear and tear, to extremely high-end designer brand T-shirts such as Bill Blass, Izod, etc. worthy of the highest quality embroidery. No choice is right or wrong. It simply is relative to what the custom is trying to accomplish and what kind of message he is not trying to convey.

  • Why would a potential customer want to work with our company over a competitor?
  • There are many reasons why you would prefer to work with us on your Custom embroidery and Custom screen printing projects. One of the more important ones is that we provide new customers with a finished sew out of their digitized logo before we actually apply it to the apparel. This way there is never a surprise when you open up your box of completed product. If something needs to be edited, it is not a big deal at that point in time. We can simply make changes accordingly and provide you with another sew out for your approval. Then and only then, do we start the production process. Surprisingly, this is not the norm in our industry but the exception.

    Another reason is providing the best overall value. We are so confident in our ability to do that that we strongly encourage you to go ahead and compare our quote to at least two or three of our St. Louis based competitors, in order to make absolutely sure that you are getting the best possible value possible. We believe that unless you have other quotes to compare ours to, how would you know if you are getting the best deal you can or not? We almost always try to bring something extra to the table besides just a normal quote response in order to act as an incentive. This normally gives us a huge advantage towards winning the bid. This approach has proven to be very helpful when establishing a first time customer. Once we complete that first order, the repeat orders usually just take care of themselves. So regardless of the size of your custom screen printing or custom embroidery order, you can rest easy that even a small order will be given the same respect and attention to detail as if it were a large one. It will be produced by professionals who have over tens of thousands of logo applications behind them.

    Our staff has well over one hundred thousand image applications under its belt. We also realize that the finished embroidery is never any better than the digitizer who created it. There is a huge difference between one digitizer and another. A great digitizer has the ability to throw the stitches in different directions in order to create the illusion of depth. This allows the image to become almost three dimensional and jump off of the tee shirt, while still remaining clean, sharp and crisp. For example, when establishing a logo for a hat, a good digitizer will understands that a finished cap is round and is going to sew very differently than flat goods will. A cap logo will always work well on a tee shirt but a t-shirt logo will not always work well on a hat. A really good image developer can create that image to work well on both. This will save you the added expense of having to pay for an additional set up later down the road. We can also do specialty applications such as puff, and even use specialty threads such as neon, metallic, and glow in the dark .

    Our custom screen printing staff also has well over 1 million applications collectively, under their belt. They are used to having access to the finest state of the art equipment that our industry has to offer. They are capable of handling 24 t shirts or 2,400 hundred tee shirts. We can also offer spot color applications, as well as ten color simulation techniques. We use manual as well as automated presses, capable of printing as many as 250 t-shirts an hour, eight different colors at a time. We can also offer you a large variety of specialty custom screen printing effects such as glow in the dark, metallic, puff and high density screen printing techniques.

    Another reason is over all value.we are so confident that we are going to be able to give you the best overall value for your money that we encourage you to go ahead and compare our quote to at least two or three of our competitors in that Cape Girardeau area, in order to make sure that you are getting the best possible value that you can. When dealing with a new embroidery or screen printing customer, we feel that unless you have something to compare your bid to, how else would you know if you have a great deal or not? We normally try to bring something extra to the table, in addition to the quote in order to create a stronger perceived overall deal that our competitors never even thought to volunteer. This extra incentive lends itself to establishing a first time customer. Once we complete that first order, the repeat orders usually just take care of themselves. It also goes a long way towards getting a good referral. So regardless the size of your custom screen printing or custom embroidery order you can know that even a very small order will be given the same respect and attention to detail as the large ones. It will be produced by seasoned professionals who have thousands of logo applications of behind them.


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    Overland MO., Ferguson, Creve Coeur MO., University City MO., Jennings, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Town and Country, Webster Groves,
    Richmond Heights, Shrewsbury, Afton, Kirkwood MO., Crestwood, Sunset Hills, Concord, Mehlville, Oakville, Valley Park, Fenton MO., Chesterfield MO.,
    Ladue, Olivette MO., Earth City, Berkley, Hazelwood MO., and Jennings

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